Manufacturing tap hot wire tube billets for rogoobraznomu core
Production technology bends steeply curved consists of several stages. First cutting of pipes made of a certain size. After logging on special hydraulic stretch with heating in gas furnaces rogoobraznomu core, which creates the necessary form. The third phase of the withdrawal - the so-called calibration in the vertical and horizontal hydraulic presses. During her adjusted geometric dimensions, which is primarily concerned with the diameter. At the end of taps are calibrated and processed at the cross-cut saws.
Stages of production
1. Cutting pipes on the workpiece in the Pipe cutting machine.
2. Hot-drawn through rogoobrazny core.
3. Obemnaya Edit bends in the die on a hydraulic press (horizontal and vertical).

4. Trim the ends of bends beveled on plasma cutting.
5. Calibration ends bend the inner diameter with a hydraulic gauge.
6. Machining ends.
7. Podgotovka packaging of finished products for shipment to the consumer.

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