SPE "FORT" - Russian company, located in Podolsk, founded in 1992 based on modern technologies and equipment, operating at specialized factories of mass production of steel welded pipeline parts.

Main activity - production of seamless steel steeply curved bends and transitions of carbon, alloy and stainless steels.

Issued enterprise license Gosgortechnadsor Atomenergonadzorom and Russia confirmed the possibility of production of quality products for gas, petrochemical and power engineering and Apparatus.

The staff of the company consists of experienced managers, skilled professionals and workers with extensive industry experience in manufacturing parts of pipelines.

Creating a distinctive image of our company is aimed at maintaining high quality products, creating a consumer good catchy, attractive image of the company.

Outlet 90 (60, 45, 30) Outlet 180 Transitions (eccentric) Plug Transitions (concentric)
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